Must Haves for Energy Efficient Windows in your Michigan Home

As energy-efficient windows become more popular, many homeowners want to take advantage of these products. However, it's important to know the features of energy-efficient replacement windows. 

By learning the critical features of energy-efficient windows, you can make a more informed choice when shopping. This article will cover the must-have features of energy-efficient windows. 

Multiple Glass Panes

In most cases, standard glass windows utilize a single glass pane to provide protection for a home. However, an energy-efficient window design typically uses 2-3 glass panes for superior efficiency.

The added thickness to the window's glass helps to provide improved protection against outside elements. You can enjoy a quieter and more comfortable home with multiple glass panes. 

Gas-Filled Panes

Along with multiple glass panes, energy-efficient windows should have a non-toxic gas between the window panes. The most common gas used for window designs is argon and krypton. 

Manufacturers add these gases between the glass panes to improve the insulation of the window. The dense gases help to reduce the outside temperature's effects on the home's interior. 

Low-E Glass

One of the defining features of energy-efficient windows is the ability to reflect UV rays and heat transfer. A special coating applied to the glass panes helps improve the windows' performance. 

Additionally, by choosing to use windows with Low-E glass, you can prevent your furniture from fading. The coating helps to reflect UV rays that can impact the condition of your furniture. 

Warm Edge Spacers

Warm edge spacers help to maintain the ideal distance between the glass panes in an energy-efficient window. These spacers also help insulate the edges of the window's glass panes.

All components of an energy-efficient window help to reduce the impact of outside elements. With these spacers, you can reduce the heat transfer of your windows and keep your home more comfortable. 

Non-Conductive Frame Materials

The material that your window frame is constructed of is important in ensuring your windows don't conduct heat. Window frame materials like aluminum conduct energy easily, making them poor choices for efficient windows. Vinyl is a non-conductive material, making it a superior choice for home window frames.

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