Low-E Home Windows

Low-E glass is a technology that is revolutionizing the efficiency of replacement windows. If you want a home that is more efficient and comfortable, you should learn about this modern glass type.

From energy savings to UV ray protection, the Low-E glass can improve the performance of your home. This article will cover everything you need to know about this innovative glass feature. 

Understanding Low-E Glass 

Low-E (low emissivity) glass is a glazing solution that reduces the heat transfer through windows. The coating is added to a window pane's glass surface and helps to enhance its insulation. 

When creating energy-efficient windows, one of the most common features is Low-E glass. With a reduction of heat transfer, you can keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. 

Improved Energy-Efficiency 

Have you noticed a gradual increase in your home's energy bill? This may be a sign that your property's windows aren't providing adequate efficiency for your home. 

Once you install windows with Low-E glass, your home will stay warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. The improved efficiency allows your HVAC system to use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Protection From UV Rays

UV rays can significantly increase the temperature in your home if they are left unblocked. Low-E glass acts as a barrier against UV radiation and reflects it before it enters your property.

Additionally, if you don't have protection against UV rays, the furniture and flooring in your home can start to fade. The Low-E glass prevents your items from being exposed to sunlight. 

Comfortable Natural Light

When letting natural light enter your home without Low-E glass, the temperature will soon rise. However, when you have Low-E glass on your windows, the light will enter without impacting the temperature.

The design of Low-E glass reduces heat transfer but does not affect the sunlight entering the home. If you enjoy letting natural light enter your home, having windows with Low-E glass is a good choice. 

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