If you are looking to make the interior of your home look more spacious or modern, then adding more white space is certainly a design idea worth considering. White accents throughout your house add a clean and sophisticated look to just about any home and can also give the illusion of maximized space. 

There are several ways to achieve this without having to do a full renovation or spending a lot of money. To help add more white space to your home in an attractive and effective way, employing a trusted general contractor such as All-Weather Seal of West Michigan can help make this process much easier. 

All-Weather Seal of West Michigan is proud of our team of home remodel specialists who are always ready to help our customers transform their homes into beautiful places to live. In this article, our design experts will share some of our favorite tips for adding white space to enhance your home’s style and visual appeal.

White Cabinets

One of the most popular areas to add white space for a more elegant look is in the kitchen. This is achieved by adding white cabinets that will help to really open up the kitchen area and provide a higher-end look. Pair this along with a nice marble countertop and you can totally transform the look of your home.

White Doors

If you are wanting to add white space throughout your home, upgrading all of your outdated doors to nice, multi-panel white doors can do wonders. Upgrading doors not only makes walking through your home nicer, it also gives each room an upgraded look from the inside as well. Don't forget external doors as they can really help to pull the whole look together as well.

White Windows

Another great upgrade that can help to modernize your home and add more white space is by adding white windows. A window replacement job can help both the looks of the inside and the outside of the home while providing you with much-needed maintenance to your old window setup. There are many window options to choose from to help with energy efficiency and ease of use as well.

White Frames

To help to bring the whole look together throughout your house, you can upgrade to a more stylish white framing on the exterior of your home. White framing can help to outline and highlight the styling cues of just about any home while providing the perfect contrast for other colors on the exterior of the home.

Trusted General Contractor In West Michigan

With almost 40 years of service in the community, All-Weather Seal of West Michigan is highly experienced in home renovation and home improvement. By focusing on earning customer’s business not only for the job but for a lifetime, this family business has built a reputation on high quality and excellent customer service. Offering a wide variety of home renovation options, you can trust All Weather Seal to help you with any job that you may have that revolves around sealed entries. To get your free, in-home quote today, give us a call to speak with an agent or fill out our online quote form.